Travel Clinic

We provide a full range of travel health services, by appointment, to our registered patients. Our nurses can provide up-to-date advice on:

  • vaccinations
  • malaria prevention
  • staying healthy abroad.

We can provide certificates of immunisation where required.

Details of vaccinations are kept in your medical records for future reference.

The first appointment will be a telephone consultation with one of our nurses, who will advise whether you need any vaccinations or other appointments.

When should I book?

Wherever possible, plan ahead and book an appointment with the nurse at least 6-8 weeks before travelling, as some vaccinations need to be administered several weeks in advance. If you allow less time than this you can often still have some vaccinations. If it is short notice then we may not have any free appointments before your travel date.


Some vaccinations are provided free of charge, through the NHS. Vaccinations against Yellow Fever, Rabies and Hepatitis B are not available on the NHS for travel and so there is a charge. These vaccines are not required for travel to most countries. We can also provide a certificate of vaccination where needed and there may be a charge for this.

If you are travelling to an area where there is malaria, the nurse may advise tablets to help prevent it. These tablets are not available on the NHS and can be purchased from a pharmacy, with a private prescription. The nurse will arrange a private prescription and adults pay a charge for this.

Advice and information

NHS Scotland has a website Fit for Travel where you can get general advice and advice relating to particular countries.