How to request a Sick Note (Fit Note)

Short-term sickness

If you are off sick from work for less than one week (7 calendar days or less), you do not need to obtain a sick note from the doctor. Please speak to your employer, who will be able to give you a form for Self Certification.

Sickness of more than one week

If you are ill for more than one week (8 calendar days or longer) and need a sick note for your employer, please make a doctor's appointment in the usual way. 

Repeat sick notes

If you are off sick for a longer period and you need a repeat sick note, then please speak to a receptionist. You should do this a few days before your previous sick note expires, as we cannot issue repeat sick notes urgently. 

The receptionist will take the details and request a sick note from your usual GP. The GP may be able to issue the repeat sick note from the information in your medical records. If the GP needs to speak to you or see you, the receptionist will ring you to make an appointment. 


Sick notes apply to people in employment but not those in education. The main Manchester universities (The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Royal Northern College of Music) operate the following policy:

  • Students who are ill and unable to attend lectures, or do coursework, must inform their tutor as soon as possible.
  • Normally, no other action is required.
  • If a student's tutor requires a medical note, the tutor will give them a form for the doctor to sign. This service is not covered by the NHS and there is a charge of £20, payable at the practice reception.

Students  can obtain a 'sickness certification form' from their department or personal tutor.