Vaccinations (also called ‘immunisations’) help to protect against serious diseases.


All children registered with the practice are invited to have their routine vaccinations. These are to stop potentially deadly infections like whooping cough and meningitis.

For children aged 0-5, the practice provides a well baby clinic where you can bring your child for vaccinations. For older children please Book a Nurse Appointment.

Flu vaccinations (Influenza)

Please see the Flu Vaccinations page.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis vaccination is important for gay men, injecting drug users and healthcare workers. For advice on testing and vaccination for these potentially serious conditions please complete our form to Request a Nurse Appointment.


The practice can provide vaccination against meningitis to certain groups of people at high risk. This provides protection against the common forms of the A and C types of the disease. The vaccine is available, free, for young children and first-year university students. For children, parents will automatically be sent a letter.

University students can book an appointment with the practice nurse. Make sure you bring your library card when you attend. After their first year, university students may have to pay a charge for this vaccination.


For further information, see our travel health service.

Whooping cough

This vaccination is available to pregnant women as part of our maternity services and to children as part of the routine schedule.