Non-NHS Services

The National Health Service provides most health care to UK residents without any charge when the service is used. Instead the NHS is funded from taxes, as this is a more cost-effective and fairer system. There are some exceptions like prescription charges and dental fees.

The NHS does not cover non-health services such as reports for insurance companies, medical examinations for driving or letters for non-health purposes. Some travel vaccinations are covered by the NHS and some are not.

If you need a service which is not covered by the NHS you will need to apply for this using one of the links below. We will contact you to confirm the fee and arrange payment in advance. We will then carry out the work within a reasonable timescale, but it will not be immediate. Even a simple form or letter requires the GP to make careful checks of the information they are providing and this can take time to fit in around their usual work of patient care. We aim to complete work within 2 weeks after payment in most cases.

You can apply for a non-NHS service here:

We are not able to countersign passport photographs.