Minor surgery

We are able to arrange for minor surgical procedures, at our sister practice The Robert Darbishire Practice. This avoids the need for you to attend hospital and is usually much quicker. All procedures are carried out by an experienced GP, who may be assisted by a nurse.

The procedures we are able to do include:

  • Freezing and removal of warts (not genital warts).
  • Removal of small skin "lumps and bumps", e.g. moles, skin tags and cysts.
  • Injection of joints, e.g. steroid injections for arthritis.
  • Draining of excess fluid, e.g. from joints and cysts.
  • Nasal cautery, to stop frequent nose bleeds.

How to arrange a procedure

  1. Please speak to reception and they will book you an assessment appointment in the Minor Surgery Clinic at Rusholme Health Centre. 
  2. If your problem is suitable for in-house minor surgery then you will be booked a further appointment for the procedure. If your problem is not suitable for in-house minor surgery then the GP may refer you to the hospital.