Letters and Forms

If you need a letter from the doctor or a form to be completed, please speak to the receptionist. They will make the arrangements for you. If you need an appointment they will let you know. Please do not book an appointment with the doctor or nurse unless advised by the staff, as you may have a wasted journey.

Letters and forms normally take up to two weeks to process, though sometimes it may take a bit longer. Please wait two weeks before enquiring.

Most letters and forms are not provided by the NHS and there is usually a charge.The staff will advise you.

From the 4th February 2019 we'll be asking patients to pay for any letters they ask one of our doctors to write for them at the time they make this request, not when they come to collect the letter.

We're sorry to have to make this change, but hopefully this will help cut down the number of letters our doctors write which aren't then collected by patients.

Thank you for your understanding.