Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception (the 'morning after pill') is available free-of-charge from:

  • some (not all) local pharmacists (see below)
  • the practice
  • walk-in centres
  • some family planning or Brook clinics 

When should it be taken?
Emergency contraception pills can be effective if taken within 72 hours (3 days) of the event, but it works best when it's taken as soon as possible. So don't delay. After 72 hours, and for up to five days, there is the option to have a coil fitted at the local family planning clinic.

Pharmacies providing free emergency contraception

Please note
Emergency contraception is only available from a pharmacy when a specially trained pharmacist is on the premises. Please telephone the pharmacy to check this before visiting. Other pharmacies may be able to provide emergency contraception but they may charge.

The list of pharmacies is provided by NHS Manchester. We cannot guarantee its accuracy or that there haven't been changes. Some of the pharmacies also provide routine oral contraception and testing and treatment for chlamydia. This is also shown in the list.

List of pharmacies