Routine Contraception

The practice provides a wide range of contraceptive advice and services, including tablets, injections, implants and the coil (IUD).

The service is free and completely confidential. As well as helping you choose the best type of contraception for you, we also provide ongoing follow-up and monitoring and treat each individual's contraceptive needs as part of their whole care. 

For your first appointment and to discuss your options please book with a GP.  

Please bear in mind that only condoms can protect against sexually transmitted diseases -
a major cause of ill health and infertility in the UK.

Pill checks

If you are taking the contraceptive pill then, for your safety, you will need check-ups every 6-12 months with the nurse, before your repeat prescriptions can be continued. The GP or nurse will tell you how often you need a check. Please book your check-up well before you will run out of your tablets.

If you do need a repeat prescription at the same time as your check-up we can arrange this for you, but you will need to call back to collect your prescription once the GP has signed it. This may be after 5.30pm the same day or another day. Alternatively, some pharmacies can collect a prescription for you, if you arrange this with them.

Family Planning Clinics

For family planning clinics please see the information about the central Manchester services.

Community Pharmacies

Some community pharmacies can provide some family planning services. Please phone them first to check the availability of the accredited pharmacist.

They can provide:

  • Repeat combined oral contraceptive pills
  • Repeat Cerazette contraception pills
  • Initial advice on starting the pill  

Please note
Contraception is only available from a pharmacy when a specially trained pharmacist is on the premises. Please telephone the pharmacy to check this before visiting. 

The list of pharmacies is provided by NHS Manchester. We cannot guarantee its accuracy or that there haven't been changes. Some of the pharmacies also provide testing and treatment for chlamydia. This is also shown in the list.

List of pharmacies